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Loch Duich Archive

On this page you can view the images captured by the Loch Duich webcam 17 hours a day over the past 30 days.

Briefly, use the table of times and dates below to choose the point of interest. Press the play button under the image to play a time-lapse sequence of images from the current time until the end of the selected day.

This webcam looks north from the village of Letterfearn on the western bank of Loch Duich. In the distance, beyond the moorings is the made-for-shortbread-tins everywhere, Eilean Donan Castle. Letterfearn is approximately 8km (5 miles) from Shiel Bridge and the junction with the main A87 trunk road from Invergarry.

Beyond Letterfearn the road continues for a further 1.7km (1 mile) to a headland at Totaig where, until 1940, a ferry service made regular crossings to the villages of Ardelve and Dornie. The ferry service ended when the latter two villages were joined by a bridge.

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A picture is taken every 15 minutes between the hours of 05:00 and 22:00 UK local time (5am to 10pm). Outside of these hours there is nothing to see but blackness. Not just any blackness, but that special West Coast of Scotland blackness that, devoid of light pollution, is so black that light literally falls in to it. Click on the tables of times and dates to the left to jump directly to a hour. Please remember that you can only view pictures for today up to the current time!

Use the video recorder style buttons Forward button forward and Back button rewind buttons under the picture to step through the selected day 15 minutes at a time. Alternatively press the Play button play button to play a time-lapse sequence from morning until night.

The Last Thirty Days

The pictures below have been taken at 13:00 (1pm UK local time) on each of the past thirty days. Click on a picture to display a larger version of it above.

Thursday 30-Mar
Friday 31-Mar
Saturday 01-Apr
Sunday 02-Apr
Monday 03-Apr

Tuesday 04-Apr
Wednesday 05-Apr
Thursday 06-Apr
Friday 07-Apr
Saturday 08-Apr

Sunday 09-Apr
Monday 10-Apr
Tuesday 11-Apr
Wednesday 12-Apr
Thursday 13-Apr

Friday 14-Apr
Saturday 15-Apr
Sunday 16-Apr
Monday 17-Apr
Tuesday 18-Apr

Wednesday 19-Apr
Thursday 20-Apr
Friday 21-Apr
Saturday 22-Apr
Sunday 23-Apr

Monday 24-Apr
Tuesday 25-Apr
Wednesday 26-Apr
Thursday 27-Apr
Friday 28-Apr

More Information

This webcam is in the village of Letterfearn on the west bank of Loch Duich. Click here to view a zoomable map of the area covered by the webcam courtesy of Multimap.

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Satellite image showing the location of this webcam in the village of Letterfearn and the approximate field of view. Original image copyright 2006 MDA Earthsat
Satellite image showing the location of this webcam in the village of Letterfearn and the approximate field of view. Original image copyright 2006 MDA Earthsat

Loch Duich is home to selkies, mythical seal-like creatures that can temporarily shed their skin and assume human form.

One night, three brothers went out fishing on Loch Duich. In the moonlight they caught sight of three stunningly beautiful woman dancing on the shore; three selkie maidens who had shed their seal skin. Now you will already know that if a man takes and hides a female selkie’s skin, she is forced to become his wife.

Each brother stole a skin.

The youngest brother took pity on his new wife and handed back her seal skin. She returned happy to Loch Duich but his kindness did not go unrewarded. Her father allowed the young man to visit her on the shore of Loch Duich on each full moon. Sadly legend does not elaborate on how they spent this time but, if you watch this webcam intently on a full moon, you may well find out.

The middle brother’s wife found her seal skin, put it back on and escaped back in to the Loch.

The eldest brother, intent on avoiding this happening to him, set fire to his wife’s seal skin only to discover, to his horror, that it caused her human skin to burn also.


Thank you to Tim Macpherson of Glenelg Holiday Cottages for allowing images from his Letterfearn Moorings webcam to be displayed here.

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