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Random photograph of Blaven
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Then and Now

This page compares the scene shown on an old postcard with how that scene looks today.

With carefull planning and study of the original postcard I have attempted to take the present day photograph from exactly the same location, using the same lens focal length and in similar lighting conditions; a technique popularly known as rephotography.

Torrin Public School, then and now.

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Broadford Hotel, then and now.

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Blaven from Torrin, then and now.

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Broadford Old Church and Blaven, then and now.

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Torrin Barns, then and now.

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Torrin Barns

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The then postcard carries the reference "348" and was published by Kyle Pharmacy. The postcard can be dated as being before 1937 by the absence of the iconic white cottage on the far side of Loch Slapin built.

Notice that the original caption "Blaven and Loch Slapin, Skye" is still visible behind the new caption. This new caption is misleading because Marsco is obscured behind Sgurr nan Each whilst Marsco is out of shot to the right.

The cottage to the left was rebuilt and extended in 1940. To the right of the then postcard there is a pair of stone built barn buildings. During 2010 the left most of the pair was demolished whilst the right hand barn was converted in to a dwelling house.

The now photograph was taken in November 2011.

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